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Production and colour sampler

We make leather items using high-quality leather and traditional craftsmanship.

Precision and quality are paramount in our craftsmanship. All our products are made from hide and leather. And we only use premium stitching thread.

Delivery times are stated on the product page or product description and range from approximately 10 days to 2 weeks after payment, depending on the complexity of production. If you need an item at a specific time, please specify this in the order.

Here is a colour sampler so you can choose the colour of your item. This sampler is always shown with items where choice of colour is an option.   Specify the colour number as per the sampler in the order options.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be slight differences between the colours shown in the sample and the final colour of dyed leather. That’s because every piece of leather is different and has different properties, including the leather’s natural shade and absorbency, so the shades on every item may differ. Cowhide (leather) is a natural material that is porous and breathes and can absorb moisture, sweat, grease, dirt and dust. Leather can have visible or invisible flaws (scars, scratches etc.). One of the properties of leather is that it matures and develops a patina.  For these reasons, please remember when choosing dyed items that the colour may evolve over time.


1) black 2) dark grey 3) dark brown rosewood 4) dark mahogony 5) dark caramel 6) dark cognac 7) natural 8) dark yellow  9) red 10) burgundy 11) dark violet 12) dark green 13) dark blue 

NB: The colour shades may differ slightly on different computer monitors.






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