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  1. Úvod

Leather is a natural material. All “imperfections” like wrinkles are hallmarks of genuine leather. As leather is a natural product, it needs proper care.

Basic rules:

  • leather items should not get soaking wet
  • don’t use shoe creams
  • don’t use washing-up liquid or ordinary soap
  • if the leather gets very dirty, give it to an expert to clean.


Impregnation – the protection leather gets from impregnation does not last forever, so impregnation needs to be repeated. Impregnation makes leather more supple and more durable.  The impregnation processes involves applying a special cream or spray. Impregnate regularly, taking into account how much you use the item and how often you clean it. Protecting and taking proper care of leather items keeps them looking beautiful for longer. Is your belt twisting? After a time, leather belts start to adapt to the body and do not hang completely straight. That is not a defect. That’s caused by our sitting posture. The leather gradually becomes moulded to our shape. This is not a reason to return a belt.






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